Mystery Box

Mystery Box

A one of a kind box that is designed specifically for you!! Simply list some of your interests, likes or anything you want on the box, and I’ll draw up something matching your desires. NO TWO BOXES ARE ALIKE! After I receive your order I’ll draw up a sketch for you, once we make sure you’ll be happy with the design you like I’ll get working on the box and send it to you, leaving the finished product a complete mystery until you get it :D
  • The mystery box is  6x4x4 inches , please list of things you like, movies or hobbies, or whatever else you would like on the box. I will then get to creating a unique design based off the things you submitted. You will receive an email with a rough sketch of what the box will look like.

    After confirming you're satisfied with the design, I'll start painting the actual box.
    When finished you'll have the option to see pictures of the box or let it be a surprise when it's shipped to you. 

  • To estimate when you can expect your order, please refer to the time frame below. 

    Production time: Please keep in mind while ordering since this is a custom item, it will take time to design, sketch and paint the product. The production timeline may shift daily depending on overall order volume, but I will be in contact with you with updates on the process! If you have any questions about production time, feel free to contact me with any questions!
    Shipping time: Once the item is finished and you are satisified with the design I will have it shipped out ASAP and will provide a tracking number! 

    Design time will depend on the complexity of the request.