"Peachy" Print

"Peachy" Print


Peach comes in 2 different print styles. If a normal paper print doesn't quite have that flare you're looking for, try the wood print! The wooden prints are approximately 8x8" and have a nice glitter gloss over it, protecting the print and giving it a shiney glittery finish.  

Print Type
  • To estimate when you can expect your order, please refer to the time frame below. 

    Production time: Please keep in mind while ordering since this is a custom item, it will take time to design, sketch and paint the product. The production timeline may shift daily depending on overall order volume, but I will be in contact with you with updates on the process! If you have any questions about production time, feel free to contact me with any questions!
    Shipping time: Once the item is finished and you are satisified with the design I will have it shipped out ASAP and will provide a tracking number! 

    In addition, if your order is personalized and/or needs modifications, it may take a few days for our designer to make customization. Design time will depend on the complexity of the request.